“BEING YOURSELF” is the best and genuine brand you can ever contribute in this world


The Perks of “Being Yourself”

#You know exactly what aspect to improve about you

#You can actually perceive what is good and bad for you. You knew who are those people who deserve your time and effort. That’s all that matters.

#You become loyal and true to your dreams in life.

#You know when is the right moment to freak out and get wild. On the other hand, you know when to be serious.

#You learn to value relationships regardless of how good or bad is the people around you. You tend to acknowledge their edge, get upset at their worse, but inspite of it all, your bond is still continues. Friendship is forever.

#You know when to let go of people and things with unselfish reason.

#You wont mess up with anybody. Respect is an act to carry out.

#You can barely expand your connections

#Your GOLdEN RULE is ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ Mathew 7:12.

#You become open-minded

#You tend to welcome change;Especially if there’s no other options.

#People will accept and understand your strenght and weaknessess

#People will help you succeed

#There will always be a person who finds you irrisistable, whether he likes it or not.

#You can dare to love in a matchless way that only you who can barely act it out.

#Your attitude is your trade name, and the momories you left is forever trending to those people you lend a hand and spared a valuable time with.

10 Reasons why there is no love in your life

1. You are a total or fractional egoistic creature.
– Needless to say that this may sounds like being selfish but somehow, kinda a ‘sort of’ self-seeking behavior of you that arise when you thought about commitment.

2. You have been badly screwed before, and so you make this as an ‘acceptable’ rationalization to ask for a pardon for a countless chances. In other words, there is a monster inside you that feeds you with such silly alibis.

3. Dating has no substance.
– You just date because most of the people are into it. The matter of fact is, you dated oftenly for the sake of instant gratification and then after that, finished. You tend to forget that dating is a special method to find the right partner. The bottom line is, you have to date over and over again with a gist to find the love of your life.

4. You sleep most of the time.
– Some said that sleeping in this generation becomes the new sex. Well, indeed, it is as important as sex nowadays because of several different crisis and personal problems you need to juggle in to survive. Thus, rest is an absolute requirement after all.

5. You deeply attach your lovelife in fairytales.
– As a result of this matter, you keep seeking for perfection. As time elapse, you have been turned off. This may seem horrible to say, but somehow, expectations really suck sometimes. It even drives you to suppose that flawlessness is realistic.

6. There came the existence of alcohol, cigarette, drugs, gambling and other et cetera vices that rules your juvenile world.
– Okay, let’s take it. Drugs can make you fly, liquor can get you high, but love is an authentic pleasure that won’t make you dry for the rest of your life.

7. “Wrong place and wrong time”
– The heck! When you keep waiting without effort of even just saying something stimulating to the heart nerve, then might as well, wait in vain. See, the moment of truth comes when you give a try.

8. “You don’t know what you got ‘till its gone”
– Thus, you cannot recognize in yourself what you love, where you stand and who is your priority until that ‘perfect one’ came out of the scene.

9. You are Hypocrite when it comes to loving.
– This happens when you feel like you can live alone without a partner. Did you hear the song ‘the great pretender’ by the Platters, alas! That’s it.

10. Your dreams and aspirations have greater priority than loving.
– It’s crazy, but true. You have all the obvious reasons in the world why you can’t find love. It’s just like, ‘I’m busy’, ‘I have things to do’, ‘I need to sustain my younger sister’s schooling’, and so on and so forth. Anyway, if this is you, just pray and believe that it will come along whether you like it or not.