The taste of Organic eating

The word “organic” in food consumption

The term ‘organic’ refers to how farmers process and raise their agricultural products. Organic farming applies natural fertilizers to feed soil and plants (compost), and no modifications are being made. No pesticides in production, weeds are controlled naturally (e.g. mulching), and insects are managed by the usage of trap and birds.

Environmental Benefits

  1. Reduce air, water, and soil pollution
  2. Increase soil fertility
  3. Decrease soil erosion
  4. Help conserve water
  5. Better for the birds, small animals and people that live nearby

Diet Advantage

  1. Fewer pesticide
  2. Usually fresh
  3. Livestock products aren’t given antibiotics, growth hormones and animal-by-products. Therefore, we have lower risk of acquiring mad cow disease, antibiotic-resistant-illness and develop allergies.
  4. Rich in nutrients– European study 2016 revealed that up to 50% nutrients, including Omega 3 are retained from organic milk and meat.
  5. GMO- free. Genetically Modified Organisms are plants and animals in which DNA has been altered for the sake of cross-breeding, or to make them pesticide resistant.

Economy Wise

  1. Much cheaper
  2. Money Directly goes to the farmer, or within the local community
  3. Uplifts agricultural jobs and market

Bear in Mind

  1. To Buy in season
  2. There are also organic foods which are not good for the health, like junk foods, baked goods, and desserts that are high in sugar, salt, fat and calories.
  3. Vigilantly Read the label



The perks of a Healthy Lifestyle

The perks of a Healthy Lifestyle

           In the midst of compelling demands of life in the search for betterment, you might have disregarded the importance of good health. Good health is what definitely body needs to help you succeed and realize happiness, making your life productively meaningful.

Here are some advantages that may help you inspire and embrace the beauty of wellness.


  1. You would absolutely look and feel better. Your personal point of view will improve and your energy rises.
  2. Undoubtedly, you can control your weight. Stubbornness is the reason why you are not losing weight.
  3. Self-image and Self-esteem would certainly be enhanced.
  4. Stress can be manage and control.
  5. Your mood would always be in the right track of positivity.
  6. Anxiety and depression will be prevented.
  7. Aging process slows down and the risk of getting an illness declines. Thus, the length of your life is properly fueled to make you live longer.
  8. Your immune system will strengthen.
  9. Healthcare cost will be lessened.
  10. Brain function and memory will boost. The sharpness and clarity of your mind will aid you in decision making and creating ideas.
  11. Your overall strength, flexibility and stamina will increase, as too, your range of movement. Bone density will be maintained.

Note: The degree of your achievement in living the healthy lifestyle depends on your choice and commitment to sustain it.

12 Facts about Network Marketing that definitely entices you

12 Facts about Network Marketing that definitely entices you

What is a networking business?  It is a marketing strategy that creates a connection among like minded people to act upon a business opportunity that aims a mutual financial success and productivity.

Why Networking?

  1. Only Small Cash investment is required
  2. The system is proven and tested.
  3. It can be managed on a flexi time basis until there is a sufficient cash flow Then it can allow any person to craft it into his full time job.
  4. The parent company pays the advertisement and the word of mouth as the most potent source of advertising effectively does the rest.
  5. The more you care about other people on how to make their lives better, the bigger your business will become.
  6. Nobody is a boss. You get to choose who you want to work with. Most of the time, everybody gains in every achievement.
  7. It’s more on earning while learning business skills.
  8. Collaboration slaughters competition; Teamwork is the utmost deal for each member.
  9. You benefit from other person’s work without cutting their earnings.
  10. A great form of leveraging and an opportunity for passive income
  11. Age, race, gender, education and pasts do not matter.
  12. You don’t have to be a super salesman; instead, be a ‘messenger’, communicate your intentions in your own way that it touches the soul a potential member/buyer or investor.


Select the company wisely, and most of all, Time and Effort is the crucial part of gauging the extent your success.

Green Tea

Green Tea


  • It is commonly utilized in India and China as one of the best traditional medicine
  • Made from unoxidized leaves and so, it is one of the less processed kinds of tea
  • This became popular globally for its incredible effects proven by research


Nutritional Value:

Polyphenols, amino acid L-theanine, catechins and an antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)


10 Benefits that will surely Surprise you:

  1. It gives your brain a dose of stimulation that makes you think better and smarter.
  2. Increases body ability of fat burning and metabolism
  3. Lowers your possibility to Cancer
  4. Helps Protect your Brain from Neurodegenerative disease e.g dementia
  5. Lowers your risk to heart disease, stroke and Diabetes type 2.
  6. Enhances your memory.
  7. Lowers your risk of becoming obese.
  8. Improves your physical performance
  9. Helps fight infection
  10. Helps you live longer



“BEING YOURSELF” is the best and genuine brand you can ever contribute in this world

The Perks of “Being Yourself”

#You know exactly what aspect to improve about you

#You can actually perceive what is good and bad for you. You knew who are those people who deserve your time and effort. That’s all that matters.

#You become loyal and true to your dreams in life.

#You know when is the right moment to freak out and get wild. On the other hand, you know when to be serious.

#You learn to value relationships regardless of how good or bad is the people around you. You tend to acknowledge their edge, get upset at their worse, but inspite of it all, your bond is still continues. Friendship is forever.

#You know when to let go of people and things with unselfish reason.

#You wont mess up with anybody. Respect is an act to carry out.

#You can barely expand your connections

#Your GOLdEN RULE is ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ Mathew 7:12.

#You become open-minded

#You tend to welcome change;Especially if there’s no other options.

#People will accept and understand your strenght and weaknessess

#People will help you succeed

#There will always be a person who finds you irrisistable, whether he likes it or not.

#You can dare to love in a matchless way that only you who can barely act it out.

#Your attitude is your trade name, and the momories you left is forever trending to those people you lend a hand and spared a valuable time with.