• It is commonly utilized in India and China as one of the best traditional medicine
  • Made from unoxidized leaves and so, it is one of the less processed kinds of tea
  • This became popular globally for its incredible effects proven by research


Nutritional Value:

Polyphenols, amino acid L-theanine, catechins and an antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)


10 Benefits that will surely Surprise you:

  1. It gives your brain a dose of stimulation that makes you think better and smarter.
  2. Increases body ability of fat burning and metabolism
  3. Lowers your possibility to Cancer
  4. Helps Protect your Brain from Neurodegenerative disease e.g dementia
  5. Lowers your risk to heart disease, stroke and Diabetes type 2.
  6. Enhances your memory.
  7. Lowers your risk of becoming obese.
  8. Improves your physical performance
  9. Helps fight infection
  10. Helps you live longer




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