The Perks of “Being Yourself”

#You know exactly what aspect to improve about you

#You can actually perceive what is good and bad for you. You knew who are those people who deserve your time and effort. That’s all that matters.

#You become loyal and true to your dreams in life.

#You know when is the right moment to freak out and get wild. On the other hand, you know when to be serious.

#You learn to value relationships regardless of how good or bad is the people around you. You tend to acknowledge their edge, get upset at their worse, but inspite of it all, your bond is still continues. Friendship is forever.

#You know when to let go of people and things with unselfish reason.

#You wont mess up with anybody. Respect is an act to carry out.

#You can barely expand your connections

#Your GOLdEN RULE is ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ Mathew 7:12.

#You become open-minded

#You tend to welcome change;Especially if there’s no other options.

#People will accept and understand your strenght and weaknessess

#People will help you succeed

#There will always be a person who finds you irrisistable, whether he likes it or not.

#You can dare to love in a matchless way that only you who can barely act it out.

#Your attitude is your trade name, and the momories you left is forever trending to those people you lend a hand and spared a valuable time with.


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