Its crazy how people made a mistake of making money as a vital tool of motivation. In some point, this may be very common because of the global economic crisis that is going on, however, fulfilment ain’t gonna happen at the end of the day. See how life downturns fool everyone? the heck! There’s always hope when there’s still time. Anyway, these are the primary reasons why I want to be better than this monetary system:

First, Life is too short to spare much of my thoughts, time and effort for money. You want know what I’m doing right now? Here’s the catch. I am changing my mindset. Before, I just want to work for money, but now I am currently reading, practicing, and planning how to build assets that works for me. These are the kind of assets that are parallel to my passion, hobbies and likes. I want to be self-sufficient and responsible for my own financial life. I know this is never gonna be easy because only few people dare to live in the world of business, but it really gonna kill me if I will never make a move. My thoughts and words are all about the things that I really want to do and I would regret this life if I dont act on it.

Secondly, the usage of money is just the mode of exchange and inspite of this reality, most people think that the more money they have in the bank, the richer they are in the society. This may sound as true for some, and there are also few persons who make real wealth as their qualification of becoming well-off. When I say ‘hard wealth’, I mean assets that put money into the pocket. What are these assets? Real estate, commodities (e.g. gold, oil), intellectual properties (books), paper assets (e.g. stocks), and business. This is a changing world, and so expect that anyone can build plenty of assets from the scratch. Use this method, ‘spend money wisely’ and make saving money as a secondary option because eventually, inflation will eat the money value from time to time. That is why money is now named as currency, because if it doesn’t flow continuously, it losses its worth. For sure, I would be amaze when my retirement savings will never be enough to cover my expenses because of increasing prices of goods.

Lastly, Life is the greatest God-given gift of all the gifts from the stores. Just so anyone knows how this real deal really works to achieve genuine happiness every single day. Changing ones state of mind means altering life approach. Modify reasons, idea, principles, just dont make money as a fundamental power house to build energy. Instead, making a good fortune for the family can be a basis of getting up each morning. Or, passion, might as well exploration, and travel. Just make sure to find a much valuable inspiration to move forward. Don’t be too typical. Money is essential but there’s more to life than its mere existence. Money is just an idea that can ruin ones purpose due to ignorance of it.

I conclude that one has to be passionate in life. If one’s passion is missing out, well, its better to find a purpose of surviving than be aimless all throughout. Earning money is only one aspect staying alive, however, just dont forget that everyone has a responsiblity to live and tell a story. Yes, indeed, this might sounds revitalizing but making a difference is a life changing choice. To someone who is blinded to see the truth, well, its also a choice that I acknowledge and respect.


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