Life as we know it


I can not imagine how beautiful I am, how amazing is my life and how crazy I am in the right place and time if I never knew Jesus. This life is an opportunity for anything I want to be in this earth. I know religion is just another way of explaining the unknown but does anybody thought that the universe is such a very complicated heavenly bodies, thousands of kinds of species are existing, and earth is an awesome place to be. Hence, it all happened to procure human survival. All the theories of life aren’t completely proven but the bible imparted a plain and simple truth behind the scenes of human existence.¬†Another thing is that, how in the world can a single cell mutates into millions of living things in the planet.

I am thankful for everything that this life offered me to feel and cherish. For I know that behind every close doors and open windows, God is closely living with me. I want to be an instrument of his love. I can barely say this to all.


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